10 Reasons You Should be Using the Shoe Cover Dispenser

10 Reasons You Should be Using the Shoe Cover Dispenser

With the commence of fall and the winter season approaching, it’s time for companies that use shoe covers to consider making smart changes around the workplace to improve efficiency, staff morale, and of course, results. This is why today we are discussing the top 10 reasons your workplace needs a shoe cover dispenser.

1) Floor Protection

The first reason to use a shoe cover dispenser is that it installs shoe covers that protect floors from contaminated shoes – a key requirement in many industries that are concerned with cross-contamination. A shoe cover dispenser is an indispensable tool that helps the maintenance of floor hygiene.

2) Workers’ Safety and Accident Prevention

Many of you who use shoe covers are aware that putting them on is no fun. For safety reasons, one should sit down while slipping them on. In reality, though, many wear them by bending and slouching and end up losing balance. This dangerous practice could lead to serious injuries, which are the company’s responsibility. By using a shoe cover dispenser, you can slip on shoe covers hands-free and hold on to the handle designed for added safety. It’s important to eliminate risks like this to maintain a safe environment.

3) Time-Saving

It takes an average of 30 seconds to wear a pair of shoe covers manually. Whereas using the shoe cover dispenser, it takes an average of only 5 seconds. Some workplaces require employees to regularly wear shoe covers, especially when moving between zones. So whether there are tens, hundreds or thousands of employees at your workplace, a shoe cover dispenser will save valuable time while keeping your changing zones more organized and less crowded.

4) Total Compliance

As it is time-consuming and rather uncomfortable to put on shoe covers, it’s natural that employees sometimes resist the requirement to wear them. By introducing a fun and easy alternative, they won’t just be more inclined to wear them; they’ll want to wear them.

5) Easy to Use

Using the dispenser is simple and easy. You insert your foot heel first and slide outwards – and the shoe cover will envelop your foot! Refilling the dispenser is just as simple. All it requires is to correctly slide in a shoe cover bundle, and it’s ready to use.

6) Added Value

Watch your return on investment grow when you invest in a shoe cover dispenser. According to a study done by the BlueMed team, the dispenser saves thousands of dollars a month for a large company – taking into account company expenses, shoe cover prices, and saved time. To understand what monthly savings your company can enjoy using the dispenser, contact us and we will give you a clearer idea.

7) Post-Purchase Services

BlueMed offers constant support for its customers when they purchase a shoe cover dispenser. We offer training on how to use it and conduct a bi-annual inspection to make sure it is working well. If you find something not right with your shoe cover dispenser, you can call us and the BlueMed team will be ready to assist you.

8) Made for Small Spaces

The shoe cover dispenser is designed to fit in airlocks, or “transition zones”, where people are required to follow a certain gowning procedure before changing zones. These airlocks are often quite small, and the dispenser takes up very little space and can easily be positioned.

9) Easy Maintenance

It requires no power source, oiling, mechanical adjustment or regular maintenance. Keep it looking new by an occasional cleaning, even in the most difficult environments.

10) Strong yet Lightweight

The shoe cover dispenser has a solid internal construction and design, yet is lightweight allowing for ease of displacement. It can withstand heavy weight and is long-lasting.

Whatever the nature or size of your company, get in touch with the BlueMed team to assess just how useful a shoe cover dispenser would be in your workplace.

If you have business challenges or custom requirements that you would like to discuss with us, please feel free to call us at (514) 678-0930.