BlueMed is a Canadian manufacturer of disposable shoe covers. The company manufactures higher quality products that are practical and quite competitive with imports from the East.

BlueMed has developed advanced machinery and automation that guarantee product consistency, quality and quick production.  Our products are used in a variety of industries including health care, pharmaceutical, GMP facilities, manufacturing, animal labs and other industries sensitive to cross-contamination. 

BlueMed has revolutionized the classical shoe cover by introducing many innovations such as the rectangular shoe cover, the hydrophilic shoe cover, and the shoe cover dispenser box that keeps things elegantly tidy. Our expertise in shoe covers guarantees products that answer the exact needs of our clients.

BlueMed is certified by Health Canada with a Medical Device Establishment License (MDEL #4118). BlueMed follows strict protocols of manufacturing and hygien conforming to Health Canada standards. It is also an active member of INDA, the Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry.

In addition to its shoe covers product line, the company also designs and manufactures custom and private label products.






BlueMed believes in the importance of shoe covers in the protection against cross-contamination.  With its creativity and understanding of critical environments, it intends to be the reliable manufacturer just around the corner that provides North America with superior quality shoe covers that span from general hygiene to the most demanding types of protection.

BlueMed innovations prioritize client requirements. We therefore welcome your inquiries and input as we continue to develop our product line.