Behind the Scenes with BlueMed

Behind the Scenes with BlueMed

Join us for a quick walk-through along the corridors at BlueMed to get a snapshot of what goes on behind the scenes until a shoe cover is born.


Everything begins with a vision! The BlueMed team is always interacting with its customers, and therefore understands their foot protection requirements based on the evolution of health and safety protocols. Protocol conformity and procedures may mandate specific characteristics for foot protection. This is what puts the gears in motion at BlueMed to create a conforming solution and voila! A new design is on the horizon.


Once the requirements for foot protection are defined, we set the specifications for the fabric of the shoe cover. We choose the material, layers, weight, color, bonding and special properties we want our new shoe cover to have to then be sent for manufacturing. These fabric specifications are set to answer the specific requirements such as waterproofing, level of floor adherence, hydrophilic or other special properties to prevent cross-contamination.


We then move on to determining the shape and size of the shoe cover to offer utmost comfort and safety for the user. For example, sizes used in laboratories or hospitals differ from the sizes used in the industry or by tradesmen who wear steel-toe boots. Likewise, other aspects like the size of the opening, the reef height or the tightness of the fit are of equal importance for the safety of the professional. If the shoe cover is too big, the user may trip on it and fall – among other possible discomforting accidents – which is why we give such importance to the design of the shoe cover.


Once all the components are ready, the machines are set and manufacturing begins. The detail-oriented manufacturing team uses cutting-edge custom-made technology to manufacture shoe covers with BlueMed quality standards. The team regularly tests samples of the production line for quality assurance. This is where our shoe covers come to life – all made in Canada!

Our manufactured shoe covers are packaged for practicality. Out of the production line, they are packed in either Easy-Open boxes or Easy Pull-Out bags. This special type of packaging is one of BlueMed’s creations for convenience and to help keep the workplace organized.


Every step of the way, we make sure each aspect of our shoe cover contributes to solving the challenge it was made for. After these carefully dealt-with steps, our shoe cover is ready to be used! A variety of shoe covers from the BlueMed plant is created to serve different industries including the medical/health, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and food industries.

If you have business challenges or custom requirements that you would like to discuss with us, please feel free to call us at (514) 678-0930.