Shoe Covers - Different Types for Different Applications

Shoe Covers - Different Types for Different Applications

Shoe covers come in a wide range of formats, weights, textures and prices. We would like to share with you this brief informative summary of the most common types:

Short-Term Usage:
There are needs for shoe covers to be worn for short-term use. Such applications include the simple crossing of contaminated surfaces or in trades such as carpet cleaning. In such cases, they are used for a short period of time or limited displacement. The most popular are Polyethylene (PE) shoe covers (a thin plastic material similar to grocery bags). These shoe covers are quite inexpensive but tend to break or get punctured easily and therefore may defeat the purpose of their usage. There also exist other shoe covers for short-term use that are stronger and much more functional for such applications, an example of which could be

Medical/Lab Usage:
These are the most known and commonly used shoe covers. They are typically made out of blue Polypropylene (PP) fabric and are used in medical establishments and laboratories. They either come with or without printed patterns on the sole for anti-skid traction. They are very affordable and widely available. These shoe covers are usually made in Asia and packaged in rolls. This packaging is messy and disorganized.


BlueMed manufactures Polypropylene shoe covers called “Wave”, which are made with anti-skid print patterns and triple elastic runs to give a near perfect shoe fit and prevent tripping by stepping on the shoe cover. They are available in Easy-Open bags or in Easy Pull-Out dispensing boxes, that are neat and organized.

Professional Use:
Professionals have different shoe cover requirements depending on their industry. They are mainly used on production floors to avoid cross-contamination, or to cross between “Clean” and “Not Clean” zones. These shoe covers have different qualities depending on the level of protection required. For instance, the oil, steel or rubber industries require extra heavy soles to withstand rougher work environments. The pharmaceutical industry often requires strong, impervious antiskid shoe covers.

BlueMed develops specialized shoe covers depending on the application. Some are made with up to 5 layers of materials and others have special built-in components to give them characteristics such as non-skid, anti-static, hydrophilic, waterproof, non-linting and so on. Products like “Azure”, “Lilly”, “Rave” and “Cosmic” fit this category.

Seasonal Use:
It is essential to protect healthcare facilities most of all throughout the winter (especially Canadian winters). This is not always easy when snow, salt and little rocks are carried into health centers, dental clinics, food plants or newly finished construction sites. Proper shoe covers are usually used for protection. BlueMed’s “Azure” is an example of those designed for this purpose.

Regardless of your application, it is important to discuss your protection requirements with your supplier in order to select the best solution.

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