Shoe Covers in Construction and Real Estate

Shoe Covers in Construction and Real Estate

Taking on a new theme of shoe cover applications by industry, the BlueMed team gives you a snapshot to highlight the benefits of using shoe covers in different types of environments. Today, we start with the construction industry.

Final Touches in Home Construction

In home and condo construction, just when contractors think their construction or renovation project is complete, somehow forgotten spots, final touches or last-minute repairs appear. The floors have just been beautifully finished and the entire place is so invitingly clean, yet some additional work still needs to be done. Meanwhile, the place needs to be sold or delivered!

Whether it involves painting, kitchen or appliance installation or other touch-ups, people enter and exit the home several times in one day, which can easily scratch the floors or introduce unwanted dirt from the outside. This equally applies to wood, carpet or tile floors. The use of shoe covers in such cases protects the floors from damage, maintains their cleanliness and saves potential cleaning costs.

Check out the BlueMed Azure Classic shoe covers: they provide excellent waterproofing and anti-skid protection for steel toe boots.

When realtors schedule an Open-House, the property is usually well arranged and cleaned for showing. By having visitors put on shoe covers, they keep the floors in their clean condition for the next client. This is particularly important during winter or on rainy days. For general protection, use the Wave shoe covers. For waterproof protection, the Fresh shoe covers are an excellent and economical choice.

You’re a tradesman and have a job at a client’s residence. You can’t keep your work boots on because you’d mess up the house, and you can’t remove them because your safety and security code does not allow you to! Shoe covers to the rescue! The Lilly shoe covers are what you need.

House inspectors have to go through every corner from the attic to the basement; a task that may take up to a few hours. They accumulate on their shoe soles dirt and chips from spots that the owners have not set foot on since they bought the property. By wearing shoe covers, they exhibit an extraordinary level of professionalism and care for the property.

Visiting the headquarters
When on-site construction workers need to visit the company offices, they can’t enter with their boots nor can they remove them. Shoe covers prevent dirt and land materials from being transported from the outside via their boots. They are a quick and lightweight solution for visits of this nature. The BlueMed Lilly and Rave shoe covers are designed primarily for use with work boots and are an excellent option for dirt and liquid protection.

“Shoe covers save us both time and money in our business. Once we finish the construction of condos, all floors are instantly protected thanks to shoe covers – even in winter! For us, they are indispensable.” – Explains Jean Bernard, After-sales service Mgr. of Vivenda.

In addition to the different shoe covers mentioned above, BlueMed manufactures a diverse range of shoe covers to respond to different needs. If you need help figuring out which shoe cover is best suited for your application, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-855-GO-BLUEMED.